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Questions By Tutors

Q) Am I guaranteed tutoring?


A) Just like supply teaching, work is only guaranteed if there is a call for it. However, by joining us you will be in a strong position to start tutoring soon. If a client contacts us requesting tutoring in your subject you will be contacted.

Q) Am I self employed?


A) Yes. You will need to register as self employed with HMRC. It's quick and easy to do online and won't affect your work at school at all. You will be required to complete an annual self assessment to comply with HMRC rules. 


Q) How will you monitor my performance?


A) We won't observe or inspect you and we won't ask for lesson plans! Monitoring would just come in the form of client feedback!  


Q) How do I get paid?


A) You will be paid immediately after your lesson by the client. This is inclusive of the agency fee, which you will send at the end of the month along with the completed timesheet. 


Q) So how do I send you the agency fees?


A) Either by cheque, direct debit or bank transfer. We will send you more details once you are signed up! 


Q) What if I need to cancel a lesson?


A) Should that be necessary please contact the client to advise and rearrange and then let me know. 


Q) What if the client cancels?


A) This may occasionally be necessary and you would not receive payment for a cancelled appointment.


Q) Can I teach from home?


A) You may, at the clients request. However, the majority of clients prefer the tutor to visit them.


Q) How many clients can I take?


A) As many as you can fit in to your schedule!


Q) What if the client wants me to tutor more than 1 child at a time?


A) We will confirm that you are agreeable to that arrangement. You will then receive £10 for each extra child on top of the normal rate. There will be a small additional agency fee.  


Q) Why should I  tutor for you?


A) I believe West Lancashire Tutors to be unique. You will be part of a friendly and professional network that will support our mutual interests. You may, of course, sign up with other agencies but we hope West Lancs Tutors will be your favourite!


Q) Can I claim for travel time and travel expenses?


A) Travel will be in your own time and at your own expense. Please inform us of how far you are prepared to travel when you sign up. 

Q) What level of DBS Clearance do I need?

A) You will need to have an enhanced DBS clearance to be able to tutor. 

Q) How is my personal information used?

A) Your personal information is stored by West Lancs Tutors. We will only use your information to identify potential clients. West Lancs Tutors will never share your information with a third party.



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