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Questions By Clients

Q) How quickly will you find me a tutor?


A) We will carefully select the most appropriate tutor, specific to your requirements. We will then contact the tutor who in turn will contact you to arrange the tutoring sessions. This normally only takes a few days.

If there is no suitable tutor available at that time, we will contact you to let you know. We aim to ensure that we obtain the best person for your needs.

Q) What if we want to stop the lessons?


A) No problem at all! You are not tied in so you may stop at any time you like. We just ask for a weeks notice as courtesy to the tutor who may be planning lessons. Any feedback will always be appreciated.


If, for any reason, you feel that you are not getting the expected benefit we can discuss to resolve any concerns. 


Q) What if we need to change the day or time of our tutoring?


A) Again, no problem at all, but you should contact the tutor first and try and arrange a mutually convenient time with them. If this can't be done then we will try and find an alternative tutor. 


Q) Do I need to pay West Lancs Tutors any fees?


A) You only pay for the package you sign up for. This includes the tutoring cost and agency fees. The agency fees are then sent to us by the tutor, so you don't have to! The agency fees are to cover business costs, including advertising and administration. 


Q) What if I need to cancel any lessons?


A) Your first port of call should be the tutor. We understand that the occasional lesson may need to be cancelled due to illness or holidays etc. Please try to give as much notice as possible though so the tutor can alter their arrangements!


Q) Does Private Tuition work?


A) Definitely! It is proven that we all learn better in a one to one situation rather than a whole class environment! 

Our tutors are carefully selected and are fully qualified teachers who use a variety of teaching methods, tailored to each individual's needs.


Q) How quickly will I see results?


A) As learning progresses at different rates, individual objectives will be set and tested for each lesson to measure improvement. 


Q) Do you keep in touch?


A) Absolutely! Once you enquire we will be in touch and then once you are set up with a tutor we will email you just to see how you're getting on. Of course you don't need to reply immediately; you can contact us anytime you like! 


Q) Will the tutor set homework?


A) This depends upon which pacakge you select. Homework is a great way of consolidating learning but it's not for everyone. 


Q) What if a friend and I want our children tutored at the same time?


A) This is possible, but we will check that the tutor is agreeable. 


Q) Once we leave, can we come back?


A) Of course! You are welcome to come back at anytime! We often find that over a child's school life they may need tutoring for a few months at different points, and sometimes in different subjects.


Q) Why should we choose West Lancs Tutors?


A) I like to think we are unique. We offer a professional service but with a personal touch. You will always have a point of contact if you need to ask any questions. We will find you the most suitable tutor for your needs and our prices are very fair and competitive!


Q) How is my personal information used?

A) Your personal information is stored by West Lancs Tutors. This will only be passed on to any prospective tutors who will get in touch with you directly. West Lancs Tutors will never share your information with a third party.








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